CLEANER II REF NO: SAAFHQ/06/06/23/26 (X11 POSTS) SALARY : R107 196 per annum (Level 02) CENTRE : SAAF Headquarters Unit, Dequar Road, Pretoria REQUIREMENTS : Grade 3-9 or ABET Level 1 – 4. Special requirements (Skills needed): Ability to communicate effectively (verbal) in English. Knowledge of basic maintenance of machinery with low level of complexity … Read more


POST 46/77 : CLEANERS REF NO: CJC/CLNR/2022 (X10 POSTS) SALARY : R107 196 per annum (Level 02), plus benefits as applicable in the Public Sector CENTRE : Central Office and CJC sites REQUIREMENTS : ABET / Standard 8/ Grade 10/. Inherent requirements of the job: Must be physically fit to lift heavy objects. Must be … Read more

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